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Building great companies is hard.  It requires more than a world-changing idea.  It requires access to experts, mentors, talents, execution, funding, timing, and a little luck. Our  co-creation engine enables our G100 community to push their boundaries of imagination by rapidly validating, refining, and bringing those brilliant ideas to life. ​We engage with ideas the G100 community feel closely aligned with, and use our collective knowledge and insights to help those companies grow and scale


Each idea comes from the G100 community. We rapidly share and iterate, asking two pivotal questions: Does anyone in our community care enough to carry it forward? Does the idea have the potential to become a world-changing enterprise?


We put an idea through its paces, testing customer demand, technical feasibility, business model, unit economics, market dynamics, investor interest and more. We ask all the questions our G100 colleagues have faced– and answered– throughout their careers.


When an idea is great, it’s time to move. Fast.

We form an operating team from within our community along with a team of designers, engineers, data scientists, marketers and company builders– everyone necessary to turn a validated concept into a real offering.


Great companies require extraordinary people and smart capital. Upon spinout, each company has the core team, validated concept and support of our G100 community to launch, staff up and attract funding from the right investors

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