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the COMMUNITY is us

The (un)collective is a community of entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators of tomorrow.  

They have many names, some address them with their lofty titles, some point to their track records, their successful careers, life. Entrepreneurs, Industry leaders, Investors, Technologists, Academics, Artists. They all have dared to create amazing things.


Scott Ehrlich

Co-Founder Cre8Lab, SVP, Sinclair Broadcast Group

SVP News Corp, CEO Agility Studios, Founder & CEO QYou, VP Real Networks, EVP, Fox News Channel

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Nelson DiaZ

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer TONER, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer FireDrop, Christie's NFT Auction, Founder BTB Partners, Superplastic

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Jennifer CoopeR

Co-Founder Cre8Lab, Vice President Zuora, Head of Global Media, Microsoft, Head of Global Media Adobe

Founder & CEO Mixercast, Executive Director of Media Yahoo!, Co-Founder NCommad

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Robert WolcotT

Chief Serendipity Officer Cre8Lab, Founder & Chairman Twin Global, Faculty University of Chicago, Faculty Kellogg School of Management, Founder Clareo Partners

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Tejen Barbezat

European Business Development TONER, Founder & CEO Gignify, ING, Rotschild Bank

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Andrus Raudsalu

CEO, Postimees Grupp,CEO Nukufilms, Co-Founder Pult, Co-Founder NewsPin, Founder & CEO PosterBee, Managing Director Delfi Group

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Shaukat ShamiM

Co-Founder & Chairman Cre8Lab, Co-Founder & Chairman TONER, Co-Founder & Chairman FireDrop, Co-Founder IRR Market, Co-Founder XOne, Co-Founder, Impossible Market, Co-Founder, World Impact Forum (WIF), Co-Founder One Happy Place, Founder & CEO, Buysight (AOL), Founder & CTO  Rhythm New Media, Lead Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo!, Partner, Neocarta Ventures

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Helen Lohmus

Co-Founder Cre8Lab, Founder ORee' Films, Founder ETRE Studios

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Danielle DiebleR

Chief Technology Officer TONER, CEO MarvelousAI, Founder Quad 9, Founder, Adobe

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Bill Schreiber

General Counsel Cre8Lab, Partner Fenwick & West, DLA Piper

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