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Welcome to my page!
I'm Shaukat Shamim, an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and technology.


As a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and technologist, my career is defined by a fervent passion for pioneering platforms within AI, Fintech, Health-tech, and Advertising.

I have co-founded and led several successful startups and invested in numerous early-stage ventures in these sectors.

Currently, I am the Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Cre8Lab. I have also held notable positions such as Founder & CEO of Buysight, Founder & CTO of Rhythm New Media, and Venture Partner at Neocarta Ventures.

My career began as a Technical Yahoo at Yahoo, Inc., where I worked on creating Yahoo! Messenger, one of the first messaging applications in the world.

Driven by a strong belief in network effects, I focus on leveraging my expertise and connections to support and elevate the next wave of creative entrepreneurs and innovators.

An Entrepreneur Collective.  A venture studio fostering a global community of repeat entrepreneurs who collaboratively build innovative companies.

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