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June 2 - 5, 2022
Miami Beach

The pivotal, most exclusive, understatedly extravagant, awards-show-slapping non-conference event of the year


When: Thursday, June 2 - Sunday, June 5, 2022 

Where: Miami Beach, Florida

(Totally serious, by the way… will be SUPER cool with your best friends)

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Our theme this year will be:  NOTHING.  As many of you know, we’ve been gathering for the NOTHING Conference for NO years now, which means we have the liberating quality of zero experience. Anything is possible, because NOTHING is planned.


"I will be very pleased to do NOTHING with all of you"

Debu Purkayastha 

"Please stop emailing me"

Elon Musk


This is just a bunch of neat, sparkling, fun, meaningful, sometimes slightly irresponsible people seething to get back together again in person in a cool place. What’s cooler than Miami Beach with friends? .


We’ll be overlapping with the end of Wolcott’s cool TWIN Impact 2022 conference (where they will have actual stuff, people and a program)! TWIN’s inviting us to join for their amazing dinner and arts event Thursday evening, June 2, their phenomenal (really) FINALE on Friday morning, June 3… then upon conclusion at 100 pm, we’ll all hang out in Miami Beach and find myriad diversions. Doesn’t really matter what. We’ll be TOGETHER.


Many of us will be staying at the <will tell you later hotel> on the beach—but this is off-season in Miami, so plenty of other rooms, AirBNBs, hotels, park benches open for you to enjoy.  All travel costs are up to you… hotel reservations are up to you… pretty much everything is up to you and don’t rely on us for ANYTHING— because you’ll be going to:  NOTHING.


We sincerely hope you’ll join us for this non-event. It will be the best non-event in human history. In fact, this will be the universe’s first NOTHING… and expect to see a lot more nothings in the metaverse and beyond.


See you in Miami Beach June 2 – 5.  With sincere love and anticipation, your friends in every-verse…


Robert Wolcott & The Crazy Guy

And “the committee”

Alana Sandel, Catherine Carlton, Helen Lohmus, Tali Orad and Sumit Jamuar

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