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IPCS is a decentralized communication system for humanity to connect in Web3 and beyond.  Powered by IPCP, a peer-to-peer decentralized protocol designed for open and resilient communication on blockchain


IPCS is Essential for Web3

Communication today is centralized and extremely limiting with platform imposed limitations, like whatsapp, twitter, discord, etc. Web3 is redefining the Internet and supercharging the decentralized innovations. However, increasing consolidation of control from the popular communication systems threatens that progress. 


IPCS aims to be the Communication Layer for Metaverse and Web3.

How it works?



InterPlanetary Communication Node

Global communication node registered on blockchain connected using IPC Protocol.  It is like having a phone number on blockchain, for people to securely communicate with each other. Humans, Businesses and objects can intercommunicate with IPCN in Web3, Metaverses and beyond.



InterPlanetary Communication Relay

IPCS achieves true decentralization and economies of scale by allowing anyone to participate as a RELAY provider and monetize their computer and processing resources.



InterPlanetary Communication Protocol

Web3 Messaging Protocol to relay messages between IPC RELAYS and IPC NODES, supporting messages between two nodes, data transfer including file sharing and protocol messages.  Web3 apis enables connection with a decentralized app, mobile app, or standalone applications.

IPCS is ideated and created by Cre8Lab, a global community of serial entrepreneurs creating Web3 companies.

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