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Nifty Fanclub


A new ecosystem for unlocking the true value of Fandom through NFT Fanclub

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Our Story




  • best way to say I like it.

  • eat, sleep, FAN, repeat; also called life

We had an Aaa Haa moment.

Fanclubs have been way to keep the Fandom active for years. Fans are more engaged and want to invest in their Fandom.  NFT enables authenticated, tradable previously hidden assets,  Anyone with a fan base could use A purpose built NFT platform for fans to unlock massive hidden asset from their fandom.

Our Mission

Simple. To reimagine fan clubs for BILLIONs of FANs to invest in their Fandom.

FANPASS is Fanclub for the Future

Fanpass is a platform to create Fanclubs based with NFT.

NFT Fan clubs allow fans to get tradable Fanpass that would unlock Fan Perks for everyday experiences.  From limited, authentic Fan club memberships, to fan engagements.


Fans can collect, buy and trade Fanpasses and Fan Perks, that have extra value as rare and secure digital assets on the private Fan marketplace built on the blockchain.

Why Fanclub on NFT?

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) transform digital objects into unique and guaranteed forgery-proof collectibles. NFT is a blockchain based technology and used to create limited number of authentic, secure and trusted assets.

NFT assets are collectible and tradable.  People can Buy/Sell/Trade NFT assets on auction based marketplaces.  This makes value appreciation for the NFT, simple and effective.

NFT market has grown over 1000% in 2021 alone 


We are teaming up with musicians, media companies, fashion brands, Talents, and Influencers with engaged Fandoms.

Fanpass Nifty Marketplace is a centralized, USD based marketplace for buying/selling and trading Fan NFTs with others.



FANPASS is ideated and created by Cre8Lab

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