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Take charge of your wellness, with the support from a community

BlueDot is a holistic care platform in pursuit of scientific breakthroughs in Longevity and Work-Life Balance. We research, curate and deliver evidence based wellness care so you can live long, be happy and stay well. We unite communities of sponsors from corporations, foundations, charities, and friends and family to help cover wellness care expenses.

Wellness care is completely 
out-of pocket expense today

You get to be well, only if you can afford it


Wellness Care for Longevity and 
Work-Life Balance

Modern wellness is about living a healthy, happy and long life while achieving balance between an individual's time and energy devoted to their job (work) and the time and energy devoted to their personal and family life. It is the state of equilibrium where an individual feels that their responsibilities at work and at home are in harmony and neither one is taking priority over the other.  Our wellbeing is made up of many dimensions that all influence each other. Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental health are all vital and interconnected.



Community-Powered Wellness Care Coverage 

A new model for wellness care based on science of wellness and the power of community. Holistic alternative care for everyone no matter what they're facing.


A Platform to Unite Sponsors

 To make wellness care affordable, we have a platform that unites communities of sponsors from corporations, foundations, friends & family and others through a 501 c(3) setup. This allows coverage costs to be offset by charitable giving.



BlueDot is on a mission to bring affordable wellness care coverage to millions of people. To achieve our mission, we're combining 3 important elements: 


The First AI Powered Wellness Guide

An AI driven wellness guide that recommends the set of practices best suited for  your priorities and goals. ​

We are training our AI based guide to efficiently learn from anonymized, aggregated, and wellness datasets, and help people achieve their wellness goals better and faster.

A Trusted
Integrative Care Network

Our coverage includes complete wellness care that is supported by many practices and a vast, varied and verified network of practitioners , from sleep coaching to ketamine assisted therapy, from nutritional support to acupuncture, and from meditation to childcare.

What is wellness?


Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

(Father of Mindfulness)


A curated wellness feed

What's next, what’s  effective, what people are searching for…

Image by Jared Rice

What is Wellness?


We Believe

it's time to reimagine Care and reinvent Coverage. We believe that you should get to decide what Wellness means to you and you should have access to it. We believe that there are established wellness practices that are safe and effective. It’s time to acknowledge these methods and that a new standard of care must be recognized in order to help the world heal and thrive together. There needs to be an open marketplace for users, practitioners, and sponsors to make choices freely. Together, we can do better. Together we must take a giant leap into the future of health and wellbeing.


Image by Wes Hicks

Dr. Ajit Dhillon

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Dhillon served in the Infantry with the U.S. Marine Corps. He is currently licensed to practice in the European Union, receiving his medical degree from the Medical University of Lublin in Poland. He began his academic career at the Yale School of Medicine Basic Science Review and was awarded a research apprenticeship with the U.S. Department of Defense in collaboration with George Washington University in neuroendocrinology.



You’ve Got This

It’s time for you to take charge of your wellness. First, choose the option below that best describes you.

I would like to get it for FREE

You get full wellness care coverage when you join others to charitably contribute for wellness care of the community.   

You get 100% tax benefits through 501 c(3).

I would like to Pay for it myself

BlueDot coverage is offered to select groups and select cities.  Check below to see if you qualify and the service is offered in your city

I am Sponsored and have a code

Signup using the invite code sent from your company or organization

BLUEDOT is ideated and created by Cre8Lab, a global community of serial entrepreneurs creating companies together.

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