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Thursday 8 pm, October 13 2022

Rooftop bar @Royalton Park Ave

420 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016

The insane, exclusive, understatedly extravagant (ok may be not so much), invite-only meeting of the minds


When: Thursday, October 13 2022 

Where: Rooftop bar @Royalton Park Ave

420 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016

(This is serious business, by the way… will be SUPER cool with friends)



A continuation of our infamous NOTHING conference in Miami, we come back with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  As many of you know, we’ve been gathering for NOTHING for NO years now, which means we have the liberating quality of zero experience. Anything is possible, because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is planned (but it is....)


"I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with all of you"

Debu Purkayastha 

"Please take me off the list"



But seriously.  We are gathering for meeting of minds to do Absolutely Nothing.  

We sincerely hope you’ll join us for this invite-only best NOTHING ever.


It will be the best non-event in human history as this is the second coming of NOTHING… and expect to see a lot more nothings in the metaverse and beyond.


See you in New York on October 13th.  With love and anticipation, your friends in every-verse…


Cool Gang doing NOTHING together

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