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An Entrepreneurs Collective

A community of serial entrepreneurs
co-creating companies together



The core members of our collective are Partners, limited to 100 individuals. We're a mix of serial entrepreneurs, former CEOs, investors, academics, tech whizzes, artists, and big thinkers, each bringing our own flair, skills, and dreams to the table. Together, we're on a mission to collaborate and create an incredible future.

Our Foundational Tenets

We work together in a community

Our philosophy is rooted in community collaboration: we rally around the ideas that emerge from our collective.  Each of us contributes, ensuring that every concept we believe in is nurtured by the group.

Push boundaries of our dreams

We chase after ideas that get us all fired up and creative.  We work together to perfect these ideas and dedicate ourselves to transforming them into reality.

Never Stop Learning

We're on a never-ending quest to be better. With every piece of feedback and every slice of data, we're tweaking, transforming, and upping our game. Keep the insights coming; we're all ears

Our Projects

introducing our PROJECTS 


AI-Native RegTech Platform

for Private Capital Markets

A regulatory compliant trading marketplace built on  AI-native RegTech platform offering to trade derivatives of venture funds, private equity, and other private assets. Which democratizes access to accredited investors around the globe.


Guaranteeing transparent information, secure transactions, and complete adherence to regulations.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 12.48.02 AM.png

Assurance Care Coverage

The World's First Supplemental Insurance Coverage for
Mental Health & Wellness

We help cover alternative and holistic care for your mental health and wellness that are not covered by traditional health insurance. Our mission is to democratize access to affordable, high-quality mental health and wellness care for everyone.


Millions of people need access to effective mental health and wellness care and help paying for it.  We’re on a mission to change that.

We Believe

Everyone deserves access to effective mental health and wellness, regardless of their financial limitations 


Assuring the most effective mental health and wellness care is affordable to all


The World's First

Universal Payment Rail

using any currency or any token

Cre8Lab_Projects_Logo (2)_edited.png


Trust Rating & Risk Management Platform for Web3



Decentralized Communication & Messaging 

Cookies, Email & Messaging

for Web3 Wallets, Avatars & Blockchain Addresses


Cre8Lab is an Entrepreneurs Collective, organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Together, we harness our collective vision to create value that is meaningful. We understand value primarily in economic terms but are equally attentive to cultural, social, environmental, and aesthetic considerations.

Our core members — partners in the collective and capped at 100 individuals — comprise serial entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, artists, marketers, researchers, and impresarios, especially those experienced in founding new companies.

The collective represents the future of venture creation. We are reimagining the process of building great companies, placing communities at the heart of our approach.

Want to Join us?

Cre8Lab is an invite-only community. Inquire below. 

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