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A Venture Collective
of Entrepreneurs  
building companies together

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“a cooperative enterprise”



Cre8Lab is a Venture Collective. We create companies.


We work together to envision and create value with meaning. We define value primarily in economic terms, while mindful of cultural, social, environmental and aesthetic values. 


Our core membership — owners of the collective, ultimately limited to 100 individuals—includes serial entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, artists, marketers, researchers, impresarios, with emphasis on those with experience creating new companies.


Collective is the future of Venture. We are rethinking the way great companies are built — with communities at the center.


Entrepreneurship is hard,
doing it alone is significantly harder

Non scalable, playing against the odds. Only a few dare to do it, fewer succeed. ​




The Future is better created together.

​The G100 is a GLOBAL COLLECTIVE of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR).  A collective of serial entrepreneurs, former CEOs, investors, academics, technologists, artists and thought leaders. While they bring many different names, roles and visions to our collective, they’ve each dared to create amazing things. They each bring purpose-driven impact to life.

introducing our PROJECTS 

Our Projects

Our Thesis: SPIN


is a Major Challenge for both Entrepreneurs and Investors

Private market investments are illiquid, typically until the company exits. Investors take gambling bets on the long term play of the company

Image by Andres Perez

Trillion $+

are locked up in private company shares by investors

SPIN is a new
liquidity solution

A new Reg D compliant liquidity Exchange for
Non-Fungible Blockchain Investment Derivatives
of private company shares enabling unlimited trading with qualified investors


The World's First

Exchange for
Non-Fungible Derivatives (NFD)
of Private Company Shares 


Our Thesis

Payments is a huge issue for Web3

Currently, more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies and thousands of blockchains make Web3 payments massively complex, limiting participation to crypto enthusiasts only. Fiat Currency payment systems mostly NOT interoperable for Web3 sites, similarly Crypto payments are not supported for Web2 sites.

We are on a mission to create the Universal Payment Rail for Web3.


The World's First

Universal Payment Rail

using any currency or any token

Our Thesis: BlueDot

BlueDot (1).png


Modern wellness is about living a healthy, happy and long life while achieving balance between an individual's time and energy devoted to their job (work) and the time and energy devoted to their personal and family life. It is the state of equilibrium where an individual feels that their responsibilities at work and at home are in harmony and neither one is taking priority over the other.  Our wellbeing is made up of many dimensions that all influence each other. Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental health are all vital and interconnected


You get to be "well" only if you can afford it. Wellness care is completely out-of-pocket today. A traditional insurance structure cannot fill the Wellness care gap


We are creating a holistic wellness care platform and a community to help people pay for their wellness care

Wellness Care Coverage by uniting Charitable Giving from corporations, foundations, friends & family and other organizations to share wellness care expenses for all.

The world's first

Take Charge of your wellness, with the support from a community

BlueDot is a holistic care platform in pursuit of scientific breakthroughs in Longevity and Work-Life Balance. We research, curate and deliver evidence based wellness care so you can live long, be happy and stay well. We unite communities of sponsors from corporations, foundations, charities, and friends and family to help cover wellness care expenses.

Our Thesis: NIDL



Web3 Wallets

Who to trust

Who are the bad players, and why

How to manage risks in defi transactions with web3 wallets


Trust Score &
Risk Management

are essential for Web3 Defi ecosystem 

NIDL is the
Trust layer for Web3

Trust Rating for Web3 Wallets &

Risk Management Platform for the Web3 economy.

Wallet Trust Rating &
Risk Management Platform
for Web3

Web3 Commuinication & Messaging Layer

Cookies, Email & Messaging

for Web3 Wallets, Avatars & Addresses




METAVERSE Ranking, Ratings and Reviews from People You Already Know and Trust in Web3.



IPCS is a decentralized communication system for humanity to connect in Web3 and beyond.  Powered by IPCP, a peer-to-peer decentralized protocol designed for open and resilient communication on blockchain



Betterverse Foundation is a platform and industry collaboration to build a better Web3. Our mission is to facilitate creativity and open Web3, catalyse Interoperability, advocate sustainability, support equality and inclusivity. Combining wisdom, care and diligence on Earth, In-Verse and Beyond. 

Want to Join us?

Cre8Lab is an invite-only community. Inquire below. 

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